Walk To School Day 2023

On Wednesday the 4th of October it was National Walk To School day which was part of Green Schools Walk To School Week 2023. Lots of pupils from Dangan school had their high vis jackets on and were delighted to be meeting up on Wednesday morning to walk from Kilmore Village and Cox’s Cross or to “Park And Stride” from the church and community centre next to the school.

We were very lucky that the weather stayed dry and everyone really enjoyed the activity which links in really well with our new Green Schools theme “Global Citizenship Travel”. We’re hoping to organise another Walk To School Day soon!

Encouraging students to walk to school not only promotes physical activity and reduces carbon emissions but also fosters a sense of community and environmental stewardship. It’s wonderful to hear that the students at Dangan school enthusiastically participated in National Walk To School Day as part of Green Schools Walk To School Week 2023.

The incorporation of “Park And Stride” options demonstrates a thoughtful approach to accommodating different commuting needs while still promoting active transportation. It’s evident that the event was a success, with students embracing their high visibility jackets and coming together to walk from various starting points, and children can also play in playgrounds which is important for their development and getting equipment for this is no hard thanks to sites like https://school-playground-equipment.uk/school-playground-activity/.

Aligning this activity with the school’s new Green Schools theme of “Global Citizenship Travel” underscores the importance of responsible and sustainable travel practices in shaping environmentally conscious global citizens.

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